Shipping Costs

Wines can be picked up free of charge in Antwerp - Belgium







1 Box
(per 18 std Bt.)

Free shipment for orders above
(per 18 std Bt.)

Belgium €12,00 €200,00

Netherlands, Luxembourg

€16,00 €200,00


€20,00 €200,00

France, Danmark, Austria

€25,00 €250,00
UK, IE, FI, SE Please Enquire Please Enquire
Italy €38,00 €380,00
All other EU countries €45,00 €450,00



Shipments within Europe - Non EU COUNTRIES

  1 Bt 3 Bt

Up to 6 Bt

Up to 12 Bt

Non EU - Europe €30 €40 €55 €85

(Max 6 Bt)

€30 €40 € 70  

For NON EU shipments, shipment charges DO NOT include any applicable duties/import charges.


Worldwide Shipments


1 Bt
2 KG Max

Up to 3Bt
5 KG Max

Up to 6 Bt
10 KG Max

Up to 12 Bt
20 KG Max

USA via UPS € 90 € 110  € 141 € 210
Asia/Australia via BPOST € 66 € 66 €132 € 200
Asia/Australia via UPS € 105 € 130 € 195 € 290


For NON-EU shipments, shipment charges DO NOT include any applicable duties/import charges.

Shipments to the USA (see below), Canada, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, and Singapore accepted.

Due to numerous customs/duties issues: shipments to the US are temporarily suspended.

Accepted US states: Alaska; Arizona; Colorado; Connecticut;
Delaware; Florida; Georgia; Hawaii; Illinois; Indiana; Iowa; Louisiana; Maine; Michigan; Missouri; Nevada; New
Hampshire; New Mexico; New York; North Carolina; North Dakota; Ohio; Oklahoma; Pennsylvania; Rhodes
Island; Tennessee; Washington; Washington DC

For other countries, please check local customs regulations before ordering. This applies surely to all LATAM countries.

If your country is not automatically accepted, please enquire about tariffs/possibilities.


Shipments to EU destinations are handled by DPD.

Shipments to other European destinations are handled by BPOST.

Overseas shipments are handled by UPS or Bpost.