Wine advice from Esprit des vins

We are happy to assist you with all your questions: a special wine for a certain occasion, looking for a rare bottle, if you want an estimate or sell a precious bottle, ...

Besides the classics from Bordeaux and Burgundy, we also have a passion for the Rhone wines, the wines from the South of France, the wines of Italy, the beautiful Riesling wines from the Alsace and the Mosel, and in particular old wines.


Nothing is so fascinating as the evolution of a wine over the years.

The primary fruit flavors evolve to very complex taste patterns. Depending on the region, the harvest year and the storage conditions, the life span of a wine can sometimes be surprisingly long. Wines of 50 years and older can still be a great experience. For older bottles, we apply the following minimum standards in terms of level: 

  • 10 years:  Neck
  • 20 years:  Base Neck
  • 30 years:  Very Top Shoulder
  • 40 years:  Top Shoulder.
  • 50 years:  Upper Shoulder
  • 60 years: Mid shoulder
  • 70 years: Low Shoulder.


For bottles with deviating levels this will be explicitely mentionned.

 Herewith some tasting tips for older bottles:

  • After transport, allow the wine to rest for several days / weeks and keep the bottles lying down.
  • Place the bottles upright a few days before tasting so that all sediment can sink to the bottom.
  • Open the bottle 1 to 2 hours in advance so that the wine can breathe, but do not decant.
  • Use a small tea sieve if the cork breaks or crumbles.
  • Older wines react strongly to the extra oxygen. Between the first and last glass there can be a significant difference in taste.
  • Also avoid decanting old wine as this can lead to accelerated oxidation. This is in contrast to younger wines that can really benefit from decanting.

Wine is a living product. Each wine evolves differently depending on its origin, year, storage and cork. Wines of more than 20 years old can show significant bottle differences and are always sold in the condition that they are.

If you have any special questions or wishes, if you are looking for a special bottle, do not hesitate to contact us.

As a passionate wine collector, I'll gladly assist you. 

Welcome to this never-ending wine discovery.

Bruno Laurent